Electric Dog Fence Info

Electric Dog Fence Info

Many people who have a dog of their own consider it to be a member of their family. Part of taking care of your dog logically includes taking the dog outside several times a day for exercise and potty breaks. Unless your yard is fenced in, you or a member of your family always has to accompany the dog, by bringing him out on a leash.

In the heat of summer or in cold winter months, it is definitely a plus to not have to go outside with your dog when it is time. Traditional fences are helpful, providing the dog doesn’t dig underneath them or try to jump over them. If you are considering erecting a fence around your property, you may have looked into it and noticed how expensive of an undertaking this is.

Let’s talk about an alternative to traditional fences that is growing in popularity, called electric dog fences. An electric pet fence is great for people who want to keep their property looking just the way it is. One of the reasons people like them so much is that they keep your dogs contained, but at the same time are invisible.

You may have heard the term, invisible fence® before. This refers to a specific company that comes to your house and installs their electric dog fence for you. While they have the right concept, the amount you will pay for them to take care of this for you is very costly. On the other hand, if you buy your own electric dog fence kit, you can save yourself about 65% over the invisible fence® company.

There are several dog fence manufacturers out there that make quality products that are equal to what you would get with invisible fence®. Three of these companies are Perimeter®, PetSafe® and SportDOG. You simply need to purchase the system that is right for you and install it on your property, which takes a day or less to do.

Now that you understand why installing an electric dog fence makes sense, let’s take a moment to talk about how they work.

There are three main components of an electric dog fence: a wire, a transmitter and a special dog collar. The wire is buried around the perimeter of the property, and is used to define the exact point where you do not wish your dog to be able to cross. The transmitter is kept indoors, or in another weatherproofed location. The special dog collar is fitted snugly around your dog’s neck.

As your dog begins to get near the wire, he will hear an audible tone through his dog collar. This acts as a warning, letting him know not to come any further. Should he keep going and approach the wire, he will receive a mild static correction through two metal contact points attached to the collar.

To help you understand what this feels like to your dog, let me explain. Run across the carpet in your socks and then touch a doorknob. You feel the shock, but most likely wouldn’t describe the sensation as painful, correct? Your dog will not be harmed, but will remember it happened. This is how he learns where he can and cannot go.

It generally takes 2 weeks or less to train your dog on an electric dog fence. After the training period, it is highly unlikely that your dog will continue trying to challenge the boundaries.

And there you have it! In no time, your dog will be able to enjoy the freedom of running off of the leash and you will have peace of mind knowing that your dog will remain safely in your yard.